The STEED founding team came together while in graduate school at Stanford University.  We quickly bonded over a common passion for craft beer.  We believed our unique mix of backgrounds and brewing experience would enable us to deliver unique solutions that would help home brewers create and share even more amazing beer.  We are currently working around the clock to launch our first product – the CounterTap 2.5 gallon refrigerator keg.

Katie is a second-year MBA student at Stanford. She grew up with four brothers who love craft beer, but by now she's now surpassed them as the only brewer in the family. She's also passionate about consumer research, cooking, and travel. 


David is a second-year MBA student Stanford. Prior to that, he spent his career in private equity, investing in software and retail companies. He is a novice homebrewer, fitness enthusiast (to burn off the beer calories), and life long Giants fan. 

Brett grew up taking apart everything he could get his hands on. This curiosity led him to become an mechanical engineer. His love for tinkering intersected with his love for beer 10 years ago, when he brewed his first batch in a friend's garage. 


JP has spent his career in feature film visual effects as a pipeline developer, helping bring movies including "The Amazing Spider Man 2" and "Edge of Tomorrow" to life.  He is currently brewing a “Citrus Bomb” West Coast IPA and currently drinking Deschutes Hop Trip Pale Ale.